Odd-Sized Solutions with Roman Blinds for Unique Window Shapes

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We get it – wrangling blinds onto those quirky window shapes often turns into a right old headache for heaps of Aussies. Chances are, you might’ve found yourself in a bit of a pickle with an awkwardly shaped pane that doesn’t play nice with off-the-shelf solutions.

And you’re far from alone in this; our yarn with the stats revealed a good 10% of Aussie homes have at least one non-conforming window playing up-fits. But stress less! We’ve dug deep and unearthed some ripper Roman blind options that are not just stylish but dead practical too.

Key Takeaways

  • Roman blinds can be custom-made to fit any odd-shaped window, such as arches, angles, circles, and trapezoids, offering a snug and elegant covering for these unique spaces.
  • These specialised blinds not only enhance the look of your room but also provide practical benefits like light control and privacy with options including motorisation for hard-to-reach windows.
  • With a variety of designs and materials available, Roman blinds allow you to express personal style while ensuring functionality across different types of unusual window shapes.
  • Luxaflex Duette Shades are an alternative solution for odd-sized windows due to their honeycomb design which offers exceptional insulation alongside a perfect fit for non-standard shapes like circles or slopes.
  • When choosing window treatments for complex window structures such as bay or bow windows, skylights, and French doors, it’s crucial to consider accurate measurement techniques and professional consultation for optimal results.

Challenges of Covering Odd-Shaped Windows

Odd-shaped windows such as arches, angles, circles, and bay windows present unique challenges when it comes to finding the right window treatment. Additionally, French doors and skylights also require tailored solutions to ensure a perfect fit and functionality.

This blog will explore various options for covering these odd-shaped windows with Roman blinds being one of the key solutions.


Arched windows add a touch of elegance and architectural interest to any space, but they can pose a challenge when it comes to finding the right window treatments. We’ve got you covered with custom blinds that embrace each curve and contour.

White Roman blinds

Our arched window blinds are designed to enhance the beauty of your unique arches while providing control over light and privacy. No matter if you’re sprucing up your home or giving an office a style upgrade, our solutions cater specifically to those distinctive shapes.

With bespoke options such as motorised blinds, adjusting the light in hard-to-reach places becomes effortless. You’ll discover that Roman shades can be crafted to fit perfectly within your arches, offering a clean and sophisticated look without sacrificing functionality.

Think beyond traditional coverings; specialised blinds for oddly shaped windows ensure that every corner of your room looks impeccable and operates flawlessly. Let’s transform those tricky arches into stunning features with tailored solutions that reflect both style and practicality.


Continuing from our discussion of arched windows, we now move on to addressing the unique challenges presented by angled windows. Blinds for angled windows require a custom approach due to their unconventional shape and size.

When considering window treatments for angled windows, it’s crucial to opt for options that can be tailored precisely to fit the specific dimensions and angles of these windows. This ensures a seamless and elegant covering that enhances the aesthetics while providing the desired level of light control and privacy.

To effectively cover angled windows, consider using Roman blinds as they offer flexibility in design and can be customised to accommodate various angles. The soft folds of Roman blinds create an appealing look while allowing you to easily adjust the amount of natural light entering your space.


Moving on from our discussion about odd-shaped windows like angles, let’s talk about circular windows. Dealing with a circular window may seem challenging, but there are solutions tailored to these unique shapes.

Roman blinds can be custom-made to fit perfectly around the curve of a circular window, providing both functionality and an aesthetically pleasing look. These specialised blinds offer privacy and light control while adding an elegant touch to any space.

For homeowners or office owners with circular windows, consider exploring Roman blinds as a stylish and practical option that complements the unique shape of your windows. With custom measurements and expert installation, Roman blinds can effectively enhance the visual appeal of your space while addressing the challenges posed by circular windows.


Roman blinds can be a stylish solution for covering triangular windows, offering both versatility and practicality. These blinds are custom-made to fit the unique shape of the window, providing a sleek and tailored look that complements the architecture.

With options like Luxaflex Duette Shades or roller blinds, it’s possible to achieve both light control and privacy while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

For any odd-shaped windows in your home or office, it’s important to explore specialised coverings that not only address functionality but also elevate the overall design. Roman blinds for triangular windows are an ideal choice for creating a polished and distinctive finish within unconventional spaces, emphasising customised elegance throughout the environment.


Trapezium-shaped windows can pose a unique challenge when it comes to finding suitable window treatments. Roman blinds offer a custom solution for trapezium windows, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

These specially tailored blinds are designed to fit the unique angles of trapezium windows, offering privacy and light control while enhancing the overall look of the space. With made-to-measure options available, homeowners and office owners can achieve a seamless and polished finish for their trapezium-shaped windows.

When addressing trapezoidal window challenges, considering Roman blinds provides an elegant and practical answer. These customised blinds not only offer functional benefits but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of the space.

Bay, Corner, and Bow Windows

Now let’s talk about our next challenge – handling bay, corner, and bow windows. These types of windows are known for their unique shape and often require specialised window treatments to complement their design.

Bay windows extend outward from the wall in a curved shape, providing a picturesque view. Corner windows also offer an interesting perspective as they provide views from two different angles within a room.

If you’re looking for appropriate window treatment solutions for these types of windows, consider options like Roman blinds which can be customised to fit the unique curves and angles of your bay, corner, or bow windows beautifully.

French Doors

French doors provide a classic and elegant touch to any space, but they can present a challenge when it comes to finding the right window treatments. Roman blinds offer a practical and stylish solution for covering French doors, providing privacy and light control while complementing the overall aesthetic of the room.

With custom options available, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and colours to perfectly suit your unique style and design preferences.

Installing Roman blinds on French doors not only elevates the visual appeal of your space but also offers functional benefits such as insulation and energy efficiency. The versatility of Roman blinds makes them an ideal choice for dressing up French doors in homes or office settings.


Skylights can introduce natural light and a sense of openness to any space. When choosing window treatments for skylights, it’s crucial to consider factors like light control and insulation.

Skylight blinds are specially designed to fit the unique shape and angle of skylight windows, providing a stylish solution that ensures privacy when needed. Honeycomb shades for skylights are an excellent choice, offering energy efficiency by trapping air in their cells, creating insulation at the window.

To address the high positioning of skylights, motorised options allow easy operation without the need for manual adjustments. Roller blinds for angled and triangular windows are also suitable for skylights with their sleek appearance and ease of use.

Window Treatment Solutions for Odd-Shaped Windows

When it comes to odd-shaped windows, there are a variety of window treatment solutions available. From Luxaflex Duette Shades and Vertical Blinds to Roman Blinds and Cellular Shades, there are options for arched, angled, circular, triangular, trapezoidal windows and even bay, corner, and bow windows.

Additionally, French Doors and skylights can also be covered with the right window treatment solution. These specialised blinds cater to the need for elegant window treatments in unique spaces.

Luxaflex Duette Shades

Luxaflex Duette Shades offer a versatile solution for odd-shaped or unconventional windows. These unique honeycomb shades are designed to fit various window shapes, including circles, trapeziums, and arches.

With their made-to-measure design, they can be customised to perfectly fit any irregular window size in your home or office space. The Luxaflex Duette Shades also provide excellent insulation properties, helping with energy efficiency while adding an elegant touch to specialty windows.

These decorative shades are available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, allowing you to match them with your existing interior decor and aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s skylights, bay windows or angled frames that need covering, these elegant window treatments bring both functionality and style to unique spaces.

Vertical Blinds

Transitioning from Luxaflex Duette Shades to Vertical Blinds, consider the versatility and functionality of vertical blinds for odd-shaped windows. Whether it’s a bay window or an expansive floor-to-ceiling window, vertical blinds offer a practical solution for light control and privacy needs.

With their ability to stack neatly to one side or split in the middle, they are an ideal choice for larger openings and unconventional window shapes.

Vertical blinds can be custom-made to fit any unique space, providing a tailored solution that complements the architecture of your home or office. These specialised blinds offer elegant window treatments for even the most challenging window shapes while allowing for easy adjustment and maintenance.

Luxaflex PolySatin® Shutters

Transitioning from the versatility of vertical blinds, Luxaflex PolySatin® Shutters offer an elegant solution for odd-shaped windows in homes and offices. The durable, UV-resistant finish is perfect for arched and sloped windows, providing a timeless look that complements any unique space.

Made-to-measure components ensure a perfect fit for bay window treatments or specialty blinds for challenging window shapes, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical function.

Crafted with precision and designed to withstand the test of time, Luxaflex PolySatin® Shutters are the ideal choice for homeowners and office owners seeking specialised blinds for oddly shaped windows.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a versatile and sophisticated option for covering odd-shaped windows. These custom blinds can be tailored to fit unique window shapes, such as arched, angled, circular, triangular, trapezium, bay or bow windows.

Roman blinds provide an elegant and tailored look while offering practical light control and privacy solutions for unconventional window sizes.

Our made-to-measure Roman blinds are designed to complement your interior decor while addressing the specific challenges of irregular windows. With our range of luxurious fabrics and patterns, we offer specialised blinds that add style and functionality to your unique spaces.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a versatile option for odd-shaped windows, providing a sleek and modern look while offering practical benefits. These honeycomb shades are customisable to fit various window shapes, including arches, angles, circles, triangles, and trapeziums – making them an ideal solution for unconventional spaces.

The cellular design traps air within the pockets of the fabric, enhancing insulation and energy efficiency in any room. With their ability to filter or block light as needed, they cater to different privacy and light control preferences.

When considering window treatments for unique spaces like bay windows or French doors, cellular shades offer a seamless blend of style and functionality. Their tailored fit provides an elegant finish that harmonises with the distinctive architecture of speciality windows while maintaining their practical purpose.

For those seeking a sophisticated yet practical line of blinds suitable for unusual window sizes such as sloped or arched windows – cellular shades present an excellent choice.

Wood/Faux Wood Blinds

For unique window shapes like trapeziums or arched windows, wood/faux wood blinds offer a versatile and stylish solution. These blinds can be custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your odd-shaped windows, providing a tailored and polished look.

The natural warmth of real wood or the durability of faux wood creates an elegant finish that complements any style or decor setting.

When looking for window treatments that cater to unconventional shapes, it’s important to consider both functionality and aesthetics. Wood/faux wood blinds not only provide excellent light control and privacy but also add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Their timeless appeal makes them an ideal choice for those seeking elegant window coverings for their unique spaces.

Sheer Shades

Transitioning from the versatility of wood/faux wood blinds, sheer shades offer a different approach to dressing oddly shaped windows. Sheer shades are an elegant and modern solution that provides privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through.

These specialised window coverings feature adjustable vanes that can be tilted to control light and visibility, making them ideal for arched, angled, circular, triangular, or trapezium-shaped windows.

Sheer shades are offered in various opacities, from light-filtering to room-darkening options, catering to the unique needs of differently shaped windows. They add a touch of sophistication and style to any space with their sleek design and functionality.

Grey Roman blinds with a white lift cord

Considerations When Choosing a Window Treatment for Odd-Shaped Windows

We will discuss measurement techniques, motorisation options, light control/privacy needs, and aesthetic preferences when choosing window treatments for odd-shaped windows. Learn more about how to find the perfect solution for your unique window shapes!

Measurement techniques

To measure your odd-shaped windows accurately, start by using a steel measuring tape for precision. Take measurements at the widest and narrowest parts of the window to account for any irregularities.

For arched or curved windows, measure the width at the highest point and the height from top to bottom.

When measuring angled or trapezium windows, take measurements at various points to ensure you capture all dimensions accurately. Ensure that you record all measurements in both inches and centimetres to avoid any confusion during custom blind fittings.

After taking accurate measurements of your unique window shapes, consider consulting with a professional blinds provider who can offer tailored solutions based on your specific requirements.

Motorisation options

Motorisation options for window treatments provide convenience and accessibility. With the touch of a button, you can effortlessly adjust your blinds or shades to control light and privacy levels.

Motorised Roman blinds are perfect for hard-to-reach windows, such as skylights or high arches. These custom blinds cater to unique window shapes while offering the practicality of motorisation, ensuring that even unconventional spaces have functional and elegant window coverings.

When considering motorisation options for odd-shaped windows, it’s crucial to choose a system that integrates seamlessly with your chosen window treatment. This ensures smooth operation and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your unique space.

Light control/privacy needs

When considering the light control and privacy needs for odd-shaped windows, it’s important to choose window treatments that offer flexible options. Roman blinds provide adjustable light filtration and privacy levels, making them an ideal choice for unconventional window shapes like arched windows, circles, or trapeziums.

By adjusting the position of the blinds, you can easily control the amount of natural light entering the space while ensuring your desired level of privacy.

For unique window shapes such as bay windows or skylights, customised Roman blinds offer tailored solutions to meet specific light control and privacy requirements. With a range of materials and opacities available, homeowners can select Roman blinds that suit both their aesthetic preferences and functional needs, ensuring a perfect blend of style and practicality in their living or workspaces.

Aesthetic preferences

Considering the aesthetics, Roman blinds offer a wide range of fabrics and designs, allowing you to choose the perfect style that complements your unique window shape. The versatility of Roman blinds makes them an excellent choice for odd-sized windows, enabling you to express your taste while ensuring a cohesive look throughout your space.

With options such as bold patterns, textured fabrics, and various opacities, you can find Roman blinds that not only fit your unconventional window but also enhance its visual appeal.

To add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior design, consider Roman blinds featuring luxurious materials like silk or linen. These customised window treatments can effectively accentuate the architectural uniqueness of your odd-shaped windows while providing a stylish focal point in any room.

Elevate Your Unique Window with Roman Blinds

In conclusion, Roman blinds offer versatile solutions for odd-shaped windows. They provide a tailored fit for arched, angled, circular, and other unconventional window shapes. With custom options available, homeowners and office owners can find the perfect window treatment to complement their unique spaces. Contact us today for your space transition.

The elegant and functional design of Roman blinds makes them an ideal choice for adding both style and functionality to any unusual window size or shape.


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